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Flowing Floral Arches

Winnie van Heerden - Monday, September 14, 2015

One floral detail that truly makes a statement on your big day is a wedding arch. Floral arches can add a whole new dimension to your wedding by featuring your color palette in a new and interesting way and even bringing out the style and theme of your wedding.


Floral arches as your wedding alter can provide either a simple or intricate backdrop for your beautiful vows. No matter what your theme is, they are an easy way to tie everything together and add your own style into the ceremony.

Whether your floral arch is rustic, tropical or modern, it is a fantastic way to make the backdrop for your vows as pretty as it can be. They are a wonderful way to draw guests’ attention and they are so pleasing to look at, but do not easily distract from your important moment. From pastels and leafy greenery to bright, themed flowers and other details, draped in soft or colorful fabric, floral arches are a beautiful addition to any wedding.

While many are seen in outdoor weddings, a floral arch is a beautiful way to bring the outdoors in and add a natural touch to any indoor venue. For outdoor weddings, they are the perfect way to combine the natural environment you are in with your theme.


No matter how you choose to use a floral arch on your big day, it is sure to complement your beautiful day.

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