We gave FlorUnique quite the challenge, in that we decided to get married with only 2 weeks’ notice, and all the arrangements were made from a different state. Winnie rose to the challenge and provided us with a variety of options and suggestions, eventually winnowing down the ones we loved to a final choice. We built our flower theme around calla lilies, which my grandmother had used as her wedding bouquet, and some vague ideas about color and flowers that I liked. Winnie’s thoughts on additional blossoms were right on the mark. She was knowledgeable about flowers, their longevity and availability, and was able to come in well under our budget. A last-minute request for another small bouquet was easily met. And to top it off, when Winnie delivered our flowers she brought us, free of charge, additional flowers and rose petals to be thrown at our wedding. For the nervous brides, it was wonderful to be able to count on Winnie to take care of us!