Winnie is absolutely amazing! I knew I had found a great floral designer from the very first phone call we had together where she went over every detail with me (i don't know much about flowers). She put together our vision before even sending us the contract to make sure she had everything we wished for and then followed up consistently with emails on ideas and suggestions. Winnie did a lot of research for our succulent-heavy design. Everything was perfect and more beautiful than we envisioned! She even helped us adjust our table design last minute when we realized we would have less tables than we originally planned.

As we are from out of state, when we finally did meet both my fiance and I had such a great time seeing every piece in person.

Winnie worked within our budget and made some great recommendations to make sure we kept to the costs as we had planned them.

She never made me feel like i emailed too many questions and helped me feel so at ease through the process.

Highly recommend! Lovely services and lovely person!